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  • Case Study #1
    David and Anne


    Primary Goal: Get organized and make strategic decisions with their money to make sure their nest egg can support them when they choose to retire ...

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  • Suzanne Powell - Financial Advisor
  • Retirement Planning
  • Case Study #2
    Bob and Christine

    AGES 68 AND 67   |   RETIRED

    Primary Goal: Reduce taxes, make sure their investments are optimized, create peace of mind with a reliable income stream in retirement ...

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Your financial goals might be a bit different, but we can find success together!

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Suzanne Powell

Suzanne is Vice-President of Meridian Wealth Management. Prior to joining Meridian, she was Vice President of investments for J.P. Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo. With a career spanning over 20 years, she has earned a reputation as an advisor who always answers your call.

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Why Pay Someone to Manage Your Money?

  • Accountability

    You have concerns about losing money in the markets and you need someone to keep you disciplined when fear or euphoria are at their highest.

  • Investment Diversity

    You want access to institutional investments that are not accessible to all investors.

  • Fear Factor

    You dislike dealing with your money as it makes you uncomfortable.

  • Priorities

    You prefer to spend your time pursuing your life passions and not worried about researching, selecting and rebalancing your investments.

If any of these points resonate, we want to help you! Pick a time to chat that works best for you.

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