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We have designed our wealth management process with you in mind. Our goal: make the best decision about working together, for your financial success.

Here is the process at a glance:

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    No Cost Consultation

    We take this time to make sure we are a good fit for you.

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    Navigation and Destination

    We’ll answer your biggest questions on how to get exactly where you want to be.

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    15 Minute Call

    Our first step is a short call to get to know each other and determine next steps.

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Stage Process

  • Stage 1 – Schedule A Call

    A short 15 minute call will let us make sure our expertise matches your goals and situation. The goal of this call is to give you a very clear next step.

  • Stage 2 – Discovery Meeting

    Stage 1 convinced us that we’re a good fit. Now, we need an in-depth understanding of where you are vs. what you want your future to look like.

  • Stage 3 – Analysis and Review

    Discovery gave us the destination. In Stage 3 we will build your roadmap for how to get where you want to be.

    Our goal is to answer these three questions:

    1. Where are you on your map? 2. How can we optimize your strategy? 3. How can your investments be improved upon?

  • Stage 4 – Take Action

    Our goal up to this point can be summed by this : Provide value at no cost to you and invest our time in earning your trust. With your road map in hand and your destination clearly defined, we are ready to start working for you.

Three Indications That We’re A Good Fit

Whether complex or seemingly simple, our expertise is best utilized for the following client types:

  • Professionals

    … over age 50 who are nearing retirement or who have recently retired.

  • Careful Savers

    … who have accumulated investment and retirement assets of $300K or more.

  • Humble Workers

    … who realize that the success of their retirement requires professional advice and is too important to be approached alone.

How Does My Advisor Make Money?

As a fiduciary we can pick the path that is best for you. That means I may be paid strictly as a consultant and/or I can get paid to manage assets.

How Are You Different Than Other Advisors?

I am a fiduciary advisor. That means I must put my clients’ interest before my own by seeking the best terms and pricing. Always act in good faith, providing ALL relevant facts to clients. Labor to make sure all my advice is as accurate and thorough as possible. Avoid conflicts of interest. Avoid using a client’s asset to benefit myself, such as purchasing securities for my account before buying them for yours.

Why Should I Hire Suzanne Powell As My Financial Advisor?

My advice is to only work with an RIA. We look at all aspects of your life, including cash flow planning, retirement planning, and the underlying investments and instruments that you own today – and in the future. Basically, we put you first. In contrast a broker/dealer (such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Chase, Wells Fargo Advisors, Baird, Raymond James, Edward Jones) are not allowed to call themselves financial advisors as of June 30th. This is because they will often put their firm’s interests before their clients.

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